April Meeting Announcement

The Dorset Chalk Stream Club will have an outdoor spring gathering at the GWCT river lab at East Stoke.

Tuesday 5th May at 6.00pm onwards, I am sorry this is at such short notice but they are in the middle of the Smolt run and we will get to see the whole research centre in action…

Bill Beaumont has very kindly offered to show the Chalk Stream Club around this rather remarkable centre, so drop everything an meet us at 6pm, there is no charge for this visit..

Please ping me a quick e mail so we have an idea of numbers john@riverworks.co.uk

Salmon & Trout Research Centre

East StokeWarehamDorsetBH20 6BB

T: 01929 401894E: eaststoke@gwct.org.uk


Salmo salar

The Atlantic salmon is found in the northern Atlantic Ocean and in rivers flowing into it. It is an anadromous migratory fish species, which means the method of the fish’s breeding cycle is for the adult fish live in the sea but migrate to freshwater to spawn. Juvenile fish live in freshwater before undergoing dramatic changes to migrate to sea.

It is widely accepted that there has been a global decline in Atlantic salmon and our Salmon & Trout Research Centre at East Stoke in Dorset monitors this decline using a fish counter, which was first installed in 1973. It is one of the most comprehensive records of salmon movement in England and Wales.