November 2016 Meeting

A packed hall listened to an enthralling insight into the world of big wild trout hunting on the Rivers Wye, Dove & tributaries. Glen Pointing was as entertaining as informative on all thing dry fly and his goal to create THE Dry Fly that transcends all others.

November 2016 Meeting

He was aided & abetted by Adam Stafford (Wet Your Knot, Mouse & Keyboard Operative), Phil Ratcliffe (GAIA, FFF, pro guide), Scott Webster (big game stalker), Mark Brando (river/game keeper) and Tim Roberts (Islay Scottish Loch’s) – thanks guys for a great evenings chat.

Adam Stafford (Wet Your Knot), Phil Ratcliffe (GAIA, FFF, pro guide)  Scott Webster (big game stalker)  Mark Brando (river/game keeper)  Tim Roberts (Islay Scottish Loch’s)

Also there was Toby from Funky Fly Tying, who has the best selection of fly tying gear & tackle around…

Funky Fly Tying

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the evening, table & chair stackers, washer uppers, food providers and of Course John Aplin for his continued enthusiasm – looking forward too the next meeting already..

Funky Fly Tying<

February 2016 Meeting

First on was Fiona Bowles (Water Environment and Catchment Specialist) who very kindly gave us an update on the Poole Harbour Catchment Initiative and how Wessex Water is keen to get everyone involved in this initiative – for more details head to their website.

Fiona Bowles (Water Environment and Catchment Specialist)

Our second speaker was David Burton “A river runs through IT” – a hugely entertaining presentation about David’s early years as a fly fisherman and his steep learning curve into a fisherman that now catches some fine looking trout from our local rivers.

 David Burton

We then had a food break, enjoying all the wonderful plates of food that members had brought along…

Then it was the turn of Richard Miller & John Thorpe, who talked about their holiday fishing the Oykel and Knoydart, up on the west coast of Scotland. It is one of the remotest spots in the UK and also some of the most unspoilt fisheries – I can imagine a few more Dorset folk heading that way in the very near future.

John Thorpe

Richard Miller

January 2016 Meeting

First meeting of the year and another great turnout.

Huge thank you to Jon Hulland & Jim Chalmers for their great presentations on the night, also thanks to all the helpers and to John Aplin for organising these meets…

Jon Hulland talked about a year in the life of a Fish Health Inspector – fascinating just how much goes on behind the scenes to keep the UK with one of the healthiest stocks of fish. It wasn’t all glamorous, mostly traffic jams on the M25 and tons of dead fish!!

Jon Hulland

Jim Chalmers presented his new passion, fishing the lochs of South Uist, Scotland. This is one wild and windy place to fish – just have look at a map to see just how many mind boggling number of lochs there are!!

Jim Chalmers

Thanks again Jon & Jim…..


November 2015 Meeting

We were pleased to welcome back Dr Tony Hayter to our first of the 2015/2016 winter season of meetings. He talked about the life & times of F.M. Halford and to give the talk extra gravitas Tony used an “old school” slide projector! (not the one you can see in this photo!)


It was interesting to hear that Halford wasn’t the ‘expert’ fly fisherman that we all thought, but was instead just good at collating information/data and writing! It was possibly George Selwyn Marryat that was the brains behind all of Halfords books!! (Well this is my conclusions after hearing Tony’s talk) George Selwyn Marryat was a Member of the Dorchester Fishing Club in 1879 and Halford was his guest that season, they fished on the 19th & 23rd July with a catch of three fish!


Huge thanks to Tony and this wife Philippa for making the journey from Salisbury on such wet & stormy night.

We then enjoyed a wonderful buffet supplied by ourselves! The second half never really happened because we were all chatting away about fishing and there just wasn’t time!

Also there was Brian Cleverton with his exquisite flies, which were in high demand!


Tony Hayter & John Aplin

May Meeting

Even with a very cold gale blowing, there was still a fabulous turnout out of 25 hardy souls to visit the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust’s, Salmon & Trout Research Centre at East Stoke. This has been monitoring salmon & sea trout since 1973, using various ingenious fish counting methods.

We were shown round by Bill Beaumont who has been working at the Centre since he arrived in 1971 for a three month trial!!! You could tell that it was all his ‘baby’ and enthusiastically explained all the methods used by his team to count the smolts out and the adult salmon back in.

Bill Beaumont

It is good to have such a great team as this led by Bill right on our door step and they have the most comprehensive records of salmon movement in England & Wales – long may they continue..

All those present send a huge thanks to Bill for sparing his valuable time to show the Dorset Chalkstream Club around the Research Centre.