Grand First Evening

What a splendid way to spend an Autumn evening, 30+ anglers and interested souls gathered together to listen to the most knowledgeable & travelled fly fisherman in the UK, Charles Jardine. Also in attendance where the Dorset Wildlife Trust, showing how they are helping the Dorset Chalkstreams, especially with the River Fly Partnership.

What a great talk Charles gave on the history of fly fishing, fishing destinations and fly fishing methods, together with lots of great humour thrown in. We also had an impromptu question & answer session at the end.

The “Second Hand Tackle Table” was doing a roaring trade and shows that one mans spare tackle, is another man’s treasure!

Many thanks to Charles for a thought provoking talk, to John Aplin for organising the event and to Sarah Williams, James Parkin and Angus Menzies of the Dorset Wildlife Trust, for their displays. Last but not least, special thanks to Elliott for logistics!

If anyone has any great ideas for a follow up meeting please contact John

Photographs by Martyn Gleaden (thanks Martyn)