November 2013 Meeting

A truly fantastic turn out of over fifty people, a busy bar in the Wise Man, and a good flow of fisher folk arriving clutching plates of food and bottles of wine to share for a meal celebrating our chalk streams and the fishing done so far this year.

It was a true feast, held in style, a fantastic buffet kindly supplied by all, a seriously generous amount of Indian food supplied by the New Ghurkha in Dorchester (thank you to Trev and Jo for sorting that great surprise) and a monster Victoria sponge very kindly supplied by the “Baking Bird’s”

We all sat, ate, drank and chatted for a couple of hours, looked at the few stalls, shifted through the endless amounts of second hand books and fly tying kit for sale, and some bought a selection of Harry’s stunning Grayling flies, and Robin sold a few of his print’s.

The other great event of the evening was the amount of people who bought along a memory stick with a selection of their favourite fishing pictures, not only did they put them up on the screen, but spoke and shared their stories with us… Fantastic! We only managed to look at a few as it got rather late….

  • Jim took us on a little tour of his Loch fishing in Scotland
  • Ian introduced us to the Monnow Association and the fishing on the Wye and Usk
  • Bryan talked about some of the work on the DFC
  • Ian R showed us some stunning little brooks in Yorkshire
  • Paul talked us through those lovely big Frome Salmon
  • Neill quiet simply showed us pictures of fish we can only dream about….

In summary, nothing short of an amazing evening and my thanks go out to all for helping on the night and sharing your chalk stream passions, which makes the “Dorset Chalk Stream Club”……