Tony Hayter & John Aplin

November 2015 Meeting

We were pleased to welcome back Dr Tony Hayter to our first of the 2015/2016 winter season of meetings. He talked about the life & times of F.M. Halford and to give the talk extra gravitas Tony used an “old school” slide projector! (not the one you can see in this photo!)


It was interesting to hear that Halford wasn’t the ‘expert’ fly fisherman that we all thought, but was instead just good at collating information/data and writing! It was possibly George Selwyn Marryat that was the brains behind all of Halfords books!! (Well this is my conclusions after hearing Tony’s talk) George Selwyn Marryat was a Member of the Dorchester Fishing Club in 1879 and Halford was his guest that season, they fished on the 19th & 23rd July with a catch of three fish!


Huge thanks to Tony and this wife Philippa for making the journey from Salisbury on such wet & stormy night.

We then enjoyed a wonderful buffet supplied by ourselves! The second half never really happened because we were all chatting away about fishing and there just wasn’t time!

Also there was Brian Cleverton with his exquisite flies, which were in high demand!


Tony Hayter & John Aplin