November 2018 Meeting

Tonight we had the pleasure of welcoming Sarah Williams, who is the Catchment Biodiversity Specialist for Wessex Water. She talked about the Poole Harbour catchment and the planned Biodiversity Catchment Delivery. Unfortunately her colleague Nicola Hopkins was unable to attend, but hopefully she can come along to a future evening.

Sarah explained that high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus in the catchment area is one of the biggest problems and the methods that are being used by Wessex Water to reduce them.

  • Best practice agronomist (soil/land management) advice for farmers
  • Additional incentives for farmers (to include cover crops)
  • Additional nitrogen removal at Poole Sewage Treatment Works
  • Additional phosphorus reductions in the Frome catchment
  • Small scale woodland creation
  • River channel habitat restoration and fish barrier assessment and/or removal

All these initiatives will help our precious chalkstreams and it is reassuring to know that we have people like Sarah driving these changes through. For more details on this project

For those who know Sarah, will also know that she is an excellent baker, specialising in delicious cakes and tonights caramel chocolate cake was well worth the calories!