October 2017 Meeting

The Dorset Chalk Stream Club held its first autumn social gathering in its winter base, the West Stafford Village hall.

Firstly a massive thank you for all that pulled this evening together, I got rather delayed in North Dorset, and when I arrived the evening was in full swing, all I had to do was chill, listen, drink beer, eat great food and talk about fishing, what a great way to spend a Friday evening!

A simply amazing evening of Carved and painted fish With Ian May.

Ian is a local Masters level AAPGAI fly fishing instructor; based in Fordingbridge, fabulous cabinet maker, photographer and of course fish carver.

2017-10-27 21.43.28

Ian hosted a brilliant evening, kicking off with lots of great photographs of his work not far away in Hampshire, on the banks of the famous river Test (nearly as famous as the Frome).

2017-10-27 20.01.17

The humour was fantastic alongside the obvious passion for this art of fish carving (and everything else that Ian does), “so how do you carve a fish Ian asked ?? You cut off all the bits of wood that don’t look like a fish” I will remember that for a long time ..

2017-10-27 20.42.45

Ian also bought along lots of carving tools, paints and of course rather fine examples of his carvings at different stages.

Thank you Ian and all those who make the Chalk Stream Club what it is… See you all at the next meeting 🙂

2017-10-27 20.01.08