Asparagus and Parma Ham


A great course to get the taste buds going, you can use Parma Ham or Serrano Ham to give this wonderful vegetable a salty kick. If you run out of ham and have some asparagus left over, just cook them on the grill naked, they are still delicious.

1 pack of cured ham – you use 1/2 a slice per asparagus stalk
1 bunch Asparagus
Glug of British cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil

  • Wash and trim the woody end off each stalk
  • Half the ham and wrap around the stalk of the asparagus
  • Brush with oil
  • Place on the grill with the asparagus head facing away from center of the fire

Cook for 5-10 minutes, this depends on the heat of your BBQ and thickness of stalk – bon app├ętit